Agatha Christie

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A Brief Guide to Agatha Christie: The Life and Times of the Queen of Crime

A Talent to Deceive - An Appreciation of Agatha Christie


Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie (MCV) (Bloom's Modern Critical Views)

Agatha Christie (Pocket Essential Series)

Agatha Christie (Twayne's English Author Series)

Agatha Christie Mistress of Mystery

Agatha Christie and Archaeology

Agatha Christie and the Eleven Missing Days

Agatha Christie at Home

Agatha Christie's Secret Notebooks: Fifty Years of Mysteries in the Making

Agatha Christie: A Biography

Agatha Christie: An English Mystery

Agatha Christie: First Lady of Crime

Agatha Christie: Investigating Femininity

Agatha Christie: Murder in the Making: Stories and Secrets from Her Notebooks

Agatha Christie: The Disappearing Novelist

Agatha Christie: The Finished Portrait

Agatha Christie: The Woman and Her Mysteries

Agatha Christie: Writer of Mystery (Lerner Biographies)

Black Sheep, Red Herrings, and Blue Murder

Duchess of Death: The Unauthorized Biography of Agatha Christie

Gentle Art of Murder: The Detective Fiction of Agatha Christie

Murder She Wrote: A Study of Agatha Christie's Detective Fiction

The Agatha Christie Miscellany (Literary Miscellany)

The Agatha Christie Mystery

The Lost Days of Agatha Christie

The Mystery of Agatha Christie: An Intimate Biography of the First Lady of Crime

The Poisonous Pen of Agatha Christie

The World of Agatha Christie: The Facts and Fiction of the World's Greatest Crime Writer